Sunday, February 20, 2011

funny thing Carl said

(looking at the pile of clean clothes in my laundry room today)

"Wow, if I climb that I will be able to touch the ceiling!"


funny thing Connor said

Connor - "Look mom, I took off my shirt."
Mom - "What a good boy! Now you won't get spaghetti sauce on it."
Connor - "Yeah, AND I can look at my tattoos."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stormy seas.

Today we had a rough day at the beach. Everyone had been anticipating this trip all week but I don't think things went like anyone had hoped.

The moms (Itsy and Caroline) really wanted to get some cute pictures of the girls' new tutus. But the girls did NOT want to even put them on.

The kids were expecting to go swimming, but the moms said don't get your clothes wet.

The kids went in the water anyway, and then got grounded to the dry sand (yes, that's how mean we were).

Temper tantrums ensued.

Some got over it and had fun anyway.

Some did not.

Maybe next time will be better.