Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Camping 2011

Two years ago we tried camping as a family, and it was soooo much fun that we decided to try again this year. The car ride started out happy enough.

Unfortunately, as soon as we had camp set up, thunder could be heard, and the park closed the water area. You can see we are all ready in our suits, waiting to hear that we are allowed in the springs. There were lots of little grumpies, even though Grandpa cooked a delicious dinner.


This is Carl's favorite picture of Cadie. Look how her tongue reaches for the corn!

This is our favorite picture of Connor.

As soon as the adults sat down to eat it started to pour. While we tried to eat under umbrellas, the kids wandered around in their towels.

After dinner, I sat under the protection of a tent flap and photographed the kids some more.

Everyone posed with the umbrella at least once...

And last of all, my favorite thing that night...

Monster Feet!

I wish I had a video of Cadie and Chloe stomping around crying "monster feeeeeet!" But you'll just have to imagine it.

By the way, the next day was sunny and hot and we spent every minute in the water, so no pictures!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Doggie first-aid

I know I already blogged today. And since I'm averaging about once a month here, this is really strange. But I caught Cadie doing the cutest thing today so I had to take pictures. And now I have to show them to someone.

Yes, while I was making dinner Cadie found a small first-aid kit. Then she crawled into the dog kennel with Indy and proceeded to take good care of him.

Poor thing. He actually looks like he needs to be fixed up.

Happy Independence Day!

Yesterday we had to find things to do to occupy the kids so they wouldn't want to burn up all of the fireworks before dark. Carl had the idea to take them fishing. This is the same park that we took Bekah's family to, so they might remember it. I took a lot of pictures, so get ready... first I took some from the bridge:

Then I noticed that little Carl was catching something...

Uh oh...

A baby turtle!

But he was a snapper, so dad had to very carefully unhook him.
(he was only caught on the shell)

Then it was Connor's turn to catch something.

And throw it back in.
(watch for the splash)

Little Carl pretty much fishes on his own now.
(something I can't do)

Cadie had one temper tantrum after she got told no for something.

Then Chloe played with another fish.

And Cadie got over her tantrum so she could take the dog on a walk.
(hey, the rules say that dogs must be on a leash, but they don't say who must be holding the leash) 

(or that anyone should be holding the leash at all... oops)

Then Chloe put on the hat and modeled a bit...

Happy 4th!