Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cadie is One Month Old!

Love those blue eyes. I weighed her this morning on my bathroom scale and she was 10.4 lbs! I think she's trying to keep up with her cousin Claire since their due dates were only 1 day apart. Happy Birthday Cadie!!!

Day at the pool

This was a week ago, but we had so much fun that I still wanted to put the pictures up. Little Cadie slept through the whole thing!

Mowing the lawn.

I love this!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cadie is two weeks old!

Elaina's first pizza!

Everyone who knows us knows that our favorite family outing is Cici's pizza. We got hooked on it while Carl and Chloe were under 4 and the whole family would eat for $10. Now it costs twice that much, but it is still less (and way better) than kids meals at BK! So when Aunt Itsy and little Laney were visiting us last week we had to make a trip to Cici's and the pet store next door. This was Cadie's first trip to Cici's (not including 11 days earlier when she was still inside mommy...) and Laney's first time to eat pizza crust.

This is how much Cadie enjoyed it.

Laney couldn't believe something could taste so good.

Connor tried to give Laney her first taste of brownie, but Aunt Itsy moved her away from him after that.

After Cici's we went to the pet store where they were letting kids pet a 150lb snake!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Pictures of Cadie

Here are a couple more pictures of Cadie.