Monday, January 26, 2009

Cousinhood of the Travelling Pants

These used to be Abby's, by the way.

Smoking in the car

Today while driving home from Walmart, Little Carl and I had a conversation about how dangerous it is to smoke in the car. It turns out he was much more informed on the matter than I was. This is how it went:

LC: Mom, it’s really not safe to smoke in the car.

Me: Yes, you know the inside of the car gets all smoky and that smoke is bad for all the other people that breathe it too… (here I was about to explain something called lung cancer)

LC: And if the hot part touches the inside of the car it will start the car on fire.

Me: Yes.

LC: And then all the people in the car will burn and die.

Me: Yeah.

LC: And then the car will blow up.

Me: Wow.

So if you know anyone who might be tempted to smoke in the car, please pass along this important information.

Chloe and Madison

Thanks again Steve and Lori!