Saturday, March 26, 2011

Come sit by us!

Just in case you were wondering what it would be like to sit with us in church on Sunday, Connor grabbed dad's iPhone recently and started snapping pictures before we knew what he was doing.

Too bad there were no pictures of daddy.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Solar Cooking 101

Yesterday I baked some muffins using my solar oven and Carl decided that he wanted to make his own solar cooker. I helped him do some online research on different types, and then he sacrificed his cardboard house to make it. I wish I had taken pictures of the construction cause that was pretty cool. When Chloe came home from school she helped too. By the time we were all done there wasn't enough direct sun to cook anything (but Carl tried to boil water anyway).

too bright!
Today Carl got it out at 8:30 am and had some nicely done hot dogs for himself and Cadie by lunchtime. :)

max temp - 205 degrees

In case you're wondering, we got the plans here:

(this is a 1st grader version of the Suntastic Panel Cooker)