Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cadie and Connor

These two have become such pals lately. They have more 'alone' time now that Carl and Chloe are going to school again.

Here is Connor trying his train engineer hat on Cadie - his idea.
And here he is reading to his little sister.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas at Our House

Everybody who's reading this probably already knows what a crazy and great time we had with our Gruel cousins this Christmas. So with no more introduction here are the Christmas morning pictures...

First we opened stockings:

Cadie slept through that part:

Then we ate breakfast.

My knockoff of mom's swedish bread braid:


And Bekah's caramel apples (we had to cover all the food groups):

This was something about Elliott, I never understood exactly what:

Chloe was helping too much, as usual:

Then presents (we tried to prevent a free-for-all, but I think it was inevitable):

I was over in the corner of the room and didn't get to see the Gruels open very much, but it sounded like fun over there. Special thanks to Hy and Brie for all the super cool stuff you made for us!