Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chloe's second dance recital

Chloe had her second dance recital tonight. The video turned out awful, but the pictures turned out cute and scary. Will pictures of my little girl in make-up always be scary to me?

This is in the bathroom getting ready. She has the hair I always dreamed of.

Ready to go. Her costume was for a classy little tap number. I loved it.

One last check in the mirror.

Another photo opportunity for mom.

Backstage with the girls.

This was at the end when all the dancers came onstage together.

Happy night.

Cadie is now 2!

Yesterday was Cadie's birthday, and I took pictures all day long.

She started the day off with her first haircut (while still in her jammie shirt, even)...

This is the before picture.

And this is the after picture. You can see that I didn't cut it too short. I basically just trimmed an inch off the ends so it wouldn't be so crazy.

This is at her party. Doesn't the haircut look cute now after a bath and some mousse?
She couldn't believe we put a flaming cupcake right in front of her.

Then she had no problem blowing the candles out...

Or taking care of the cupcake.

Connor gave her some sassy little sunglasses.

You can see she likes the opening part.

And finally, Chloe decided to decorate their room just for Cadie.

Not the frolicking bash that Chloe got a few weeks ago, but Cadie loved it just the same.